Saturday, March 10, 2007

After another unsatisfactory dinner at a restaurant...
I am going to start cooking again.

And cooking well, I tell ya!

I'm tired of getting my hopes up.
And then being served a meal (an expensive meal) that is not at all what I had hoped.

So really!

I'm donning the chef's hat.
And heading to the kitchen.

The best thing I ate all week was a salad with Thousand Island dressing.
(which I made for myself)

Shredded lettuce.
Halved cherry tomatoes
Lots of dressing

Hellmans and Chili Sauce.

Just like mom made.

It was perfect.


And here are the girls getting some socialization.

A classic game of "Who will laugh first?"

It's a good life.

Swimming lessons today and a trip to the grocery store for lots of ingredients.

Cause...I'm gonna cook.

Happy weekend, All!

I loved the comments from yesterday! Thanks!

Encourage one another,

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