Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Janice and Janet have always been and will always be our special babies.
It was very special to have twins way back in the 60's.
Our brown eyed Greek and our blue eyed Dane.
Born to be one another's, one another, forever.
A gift to one another.
Forever friends.
Forever sisters.
Forever twins.

Happy Birthday baby sisters.

Forever younger than me :o)


Click on Pic to Enlarge :o)

She's the kind of girl
who doesn't even notice
her hair is in her face.

She's the kind of girl
who hits her mommy in the
bottom with the baseball.

She's the kind of girl
the camera loves.

Encourage one another,

Thanks for the great comments yesterday!
I think the most amazing people visit this blog!
(My sister's have mentioned this to me on the telephone.
I heartily agree!)

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