Saturday, March 24, 2007

Snooze Button

I tried a little experiment on myself last night.

I have been concerned about flying thru the night and landing in Paris at 7:00am.
We have every intention of hitting the ground running! (That's two cliche's in one sentence!. Tylenol PM: The cliche inducing pill)

I do not sleep on planes. In fact, I get a little air sick.
Sooo....I wanted to try something.
Wine has been advised, but I don't drink.
Valium has been advised, but I'm not that close with my Doc and didn't want to go in for an appointment.
Tylenol PM was recommended by a number of frequent fliers, so I bought some this week.

Enter, the cold.

Two days ago my throat started hurting. For me, this means a cold is coming.
Now, I don't take pills, usually.
Astragalus, yes. Wonderful herb to boost the immune system.
But Tylenol Cold or Tylenol PM. Never.

What better time to try the Tylenol PM.

I'd like some relief from that painful swallowing.

So I took two caplets before bed.

(Such pretty blue and white pills.....)

I never felt fuzzy.
I just read and fell asleep.

Emma said I was snoring when she came up.
But this in not unusual, she informs me.

"You always snore"

How comforting.

So that's my plan.

A little self-medication and I hopefully will get a couple of hours of sleep.
And if it doesn't work out that way...

I will be in Paris!

Just one look at the Eiffel Tower will energize me for months, I think!

I think I'm going to cry!

Tell me. Have you been to Paris?

Encourage one another,

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