Monday, March 12, 2007

Say it ain't so!

Rob and Amber were last to the pit stop (on the Amazing Race) last night and they were sent a packin'!

Patrick and I mourn.


I have completed the Iditawalk.

One thousand, one hundred forty-nine minutes walked in thirty-six days.

Thank you Dana and Karen for walking along-side me in a cyber/email way.

Congratulations on completing this healthy task!

Let's keep it up, now!


Katie's math book is attempting to teach her to tell time.
I have attempted many times to teach her to tell time.
But it just hasn't stuck yet.

I tell ya, this has been harder than toilet training.

Sadly, Katie inherited this characteristic from me, so I have only myself to blame.

I must have been exactly like Katie. Asking my parents to tell me the time....a million times a day!

(Click on the picture to enlarge it)

Cause I can remember my father making me go upstairs (we were in the basement den) to get a stack of paper plates so that he could teach me to tell time.

Yup. You didn't know I was homeschooled, did you?

Well, at least in this case, I was homeschooled.

By my father.

As a matter of survival.

He taught me to tell time.

And I hope to teach Katie.


Would you like to share an early childhood memory with us?
I'd love to hear the things you remember about your parents.

Encourage one another,

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