Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Easy, easy piecing.

Here, hold this.

I can't hold it up that high.

Apparently, not so easy modeling.

My most favorite Muffy Fabric with a five inch border all around.

click on the picture to see the fabrics up close :o)

Some fabric is too pretty to cut up.
And well.
Some quilters are just to lazy to cut it up.

I would like to hire someone to machine quilt swirly swirls and flowers and hearts all over this baby in yellow thread. I have some names from the local fabric shop. But I have never had someone else do the quilting.
I just may drag my feet.

Machine quilting (Long Arm) is an art in itself and I really only know how to sew...
straight lines.

This plain quilt top needs some life and fun to dance along with cute little Muffy.


About American Idol;

Simon is my favorite judge because he is smart and right.
And funny.

"That was not quite as GASTLY as your other performances"

Oh my. But it's true.

I think one must be 17 to understand what Randy is talking about.

"It needs some 'YO'."

Okay, sure, Randy, whatever.

And Paula.

Girl, couldn't form sentences.


I still love Lakisha. Love her choice of songs.
Thought Melinda's choice of song was so bad, I changed the channel.
I know she is a darling girl with a fab voice.
But her song choices hurt my ears.

"Cause I'm a woman. W-O-M-A-N."

You know I love the 70's!
So how could Melinda choose the worst song ever written in the 70's?

Just lucky, I guess.


Thank you for your suggestions and prayers.
I slept like a baby last night :o)


What are you eating lately?
Any good recipe's you'd like to share?

I have a favorite new cook book.

America's Test Kitchen.

Now I remember,
I am obsessive about cookbooks.
Love 'em.

Encourage one another,

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