Saturday, March 03, 2007

I quilted.

Well. Not precisely quilted. But I cut and pieced and ironed.
The quilting comes last.

But we have always called all the steps of making a quilt, quilting.

Does anyone remember when I bought this fabric?

link to blog entry about fabric

Don't suppose I can find some more of this fabric for borders and backing.


I don't think I will finish it anyway.
I'm not entirely pleased with the fabrics.
(I just can't stand the pink and brown plaid, all the others I quite like)

But the process was fun!

The last time I made a quilt was when Janet had little Lauren.
This is even the same pattern (Yellow Brick Road).
Janet, is Lauren four?

My quilting mojo has returned and it feels good.

Do you quilt?

Encourage one another,



Here is the whole quilt.
I just wasn't super proud of it so I folded it to show the fabrics I liked best :o)
Here is the whole thing.

Click to enlarge

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