Wednesday, January 09, 2008


College at Home aka Distance Learning.

Our homeschool graduate, Emma, was accepted at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago Illinois.
But, she was placed on the wait list.

(Moody has a very small enrollment, it is tuition-free and is highly regarded.
Some students apply when they are Sophomore and Juniors in high school to get in "on time".)

Emma felt her best option was to take classes from Moody's distance learning program while she waited.

Last semester, Emma took four courses for 13 credits.
This semester she will take another 13 credits.

She will enter Moody in the fall just short of a Sophomore. (we think)

The process is quite easy.

Emma choses her courses (this semester she will take Intro to Psychology, Literature, New Testament, and....I can't remember the other course) from the Moody website.
She pays for her courses on the Moody website.
We purchase her books on the internet and use the local library.

The work is very much like any home study course.

The syllabus outlines the course work and due dates.
Message boards are used for interaction. (And one is graded on participation on said message boards)
Papers are written and tests are all taken on the computer.

In order to keep her scholarship, Emma needed to keep a 3.0.
She easily kept her scholarship.

She seems to have transitioned to college at home beautifully.

Getting to take classes from a real live professor and sitting in a room with actual classmates is one semester closer now.

Emma says that the only difficult part of college at home is being motivated to work regularly thru the week and not saving all the work for the day before the assignment is due. (Gee...that happens even when you are AT college, doesn't it :o)

Anything I am forgetting? Just ask.


Speaking of classes.

I have been waiting for months for Children's Theater of Madison to post their winter class schedule.
I look every week.

January arrives and still no schedule.

But, last night, Katie and I logged on to see if the courses had been posted...and well...
they have been posted and are all CLOSED.

Who knew snagging a spot in Children's Theater of Madison was like getting your hands on playoff tickets.

I, of course, am miffed.

I signed up for CTM's newsletter so we would know when to register.
But I never received any word of the course listings.

I have emailed and asked for a spot if there is a cancellation.

We shall see what happens.

Katie gently said, "I guess God doesn't want me to take those classes."

*heavy sigh*

Jer 29:11 (NIV) "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Encourage one another,


I just got off the phone with the director of education at CTM.
(Lynn called me with her phone number)

There is an opening in one of the classes!


We are looking forward to this new and exciting experience!

Thanks Lynn!

I am officially un-miffed.

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