Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lynn!

Wishing you a great birthday!

Our friendship is honestly a gift from God.
A few years ago, we both prayed for a friend.
It's true.

God answered each of our prayers.

Prayer works.
God is so good to tend to all of our needs.
In His perfect timing.

He gives us the very best.


Last night I learned a cool new trick in Photoshop.

I learned how to apply a texture to a photograph.

I have admired this technique for a while but it was just way over my head.

My Flickr friend, Lisa, emailed with me back and forth until I GOT it last night.

Lisa is a brilliant photographer and just has the most generous heart and willingness to share her talents.

I am awed by her willingness to help me.....and the thing is....I didn't ask. She just starts helping!!!

So first she sent me some textures in the mail.

tex1245963826_d6f51fb6bfThat's a texture.

She told me to pull both pictures up and drag the texture over the picture.

I did not know how to do step one!!!

You can not believe the self doubt and dismay this causes me.

But, I was humble and wrote her back and said, "huh?"

And she wrote me back and said, 'Do thus and such'.

So I tried that.

Picture 7

And then the texture was really little. Sitting on the picture.

So I had to write her again.

And say, "boohoo, the texture is really little."

And Saint Lisa wrote back and said, "Click on this and click on that and drag the do hickey over and it will get bigger."

So I tried it. And it worked.

And I wanted to cry and hug her.

But, she is far away. So I wrote her a love letter instead.


Can you see it?

Click on it to view larger if you wish.

So then I had to try it again.

The Original

The One with the Texture.

I think is very cool!

If you would like to see Lisa's great Flickr photostream, Go Here


Did anyone watch Mansfield Park last night?
While still enjoyable, this is my least favorite so far.
Fannie looked so modern with her wild hair and full lips.
I liked the actor who played Edward, tho.

What did you think?


Now. I will start educating my poor neglected child.

O, s, t, mus, tis, nt......

Encourage one another,

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