Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Five

I don't care for the Feast today so I shall attempt my own five questions.

1. What are you reading?
2. What are you making?
3. How often do you grocery shop?
4. Would you buy a house with a one car garage?
5. Do you dream of living in a big city (ie Chicago or New York) or on a farm?

1. I am reading The Brother's Karamazov.
My cultural literacy is sky rocketing.

2. I am knitting socks, making potato soup and making photographs.

3. Not enough apparently. I am out of three.

4. I would buy a house with a one car garage. But my husband wouldn't.
So it's two for us. He longs for a three car garage.

5. I dream of living in Chicago. Without a car.
The price of gas makes me crazy sometimes.


Janet wrote a sweet, touching post yesterday.

If you want to see the Glyman girls circa 1975, head on over to Janet's blog.

Take you tissues. And leave her a comment. It would make her super happy :o)


Yesterday morning I heard this loud jumping, banging sound coming from the other room.

I yelled to Katie, "Katie what is that noise?"

"I'm trying to reach Softie."

Thump, Bump, Thump.




I can assure you that Softie is now safe and dust free again.
This unfortunate incident has put her off flying lessons for the time being.


And just for the record.


It's -2 out right now.

But the sun is making a rare, rare appearance!

And Jim is safely nestled in at sister Sue's house!
Thanks for your traveling prayers for him....and all the good love and wishes you sent our way yesterday!

Love you guys.

Encourage one another,

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