Sunday, January 20, 2008

The NFL's coldest Playoff games.

Read this all you football fans.

Yes. Lambeau and the Packers take the cake.

And well, today may be record breaking.

And to be honest. I am not happy to hear it.

And I can imagine the teams are freaking out.

Oh. I didn't tell you.

The temperature outside right now is .....


That is just cruel.

And we play in the dark.



Patrick and I took the children to a game....when it was this cold.
It was against the Raiders.

It was a sunny day...and we had great tickets.

But the temperature at game time was -15.

The children and I were ready to leave....before the game started.
(We always arrive at games an hour beforehand and in this instance, it was a bad idea.)

So, if I remember correctly, Matthew, Emma and I left before the second quarter.

It was just too painful to sit there.

I find no glee in playing a game in these conditions.

But, my goodness, this is THE game.

The last game to win before the Superbowl.

Go. Pack. Go!!!!

Photo by Rick Wood.

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