Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kimberly Clark - Room-a-Day Giveaway II Sweepstakes

Go here. Enter. And Win. Will ya?

This is a contest on The View.
Now I know none of you watch that show.

You can still win even if you don't watch.

So go enter, every day and possibly win $25,000 to re-decorate a room.

You can thank me if you win :o)

And let me tell you.

With $25,000 I could not only re-decorate a room.

I think I could re-decorate my whole house!

What would you re-decorate?


For those of you who are interested as to what a hot/bad pixel is....


Click on this picture and view larger. There are two hot pixels on the right side of Katie.
They are white spots. They are little, I know.

But If I wanted to blow this up to an 11x14, they would be very visible.
And the thought that I would need to edit it out of 300 pictures is the thing that gets me.
They shouldn't be there.


Holes was on last night.

Have you seen it?

Emma and I read the book and then watched the movie a few years ago.

But I thought I would mention it again because it is really, really good.

Both the book and the movie.

Read about the book and the author here


I would like to come up with a recipe this week that is not bread or dessert.



Encourage one another,

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