Thursday, January 17, 2008

We are all having a great time visiting with Jim.

He brought his laptop along so he could show me his precious family.

He lives close to his sons and they are able to spend a lot of time together!

(I have not seen Peter since he was about four and Charlie, I have never met. That makes me feel just terrible.
But you must understand. We seven have been scattered across the United States for over 30 years.
From Washington to Martha's Vineyard, Arizona to the tippy top of Wisconsin. With Sue and Cindy smack dab in the middle.)
The last time we were all together was in Arizona in 1999; and that was just the adults.)

But, back to Jim, he is Papa to twin girls and I can tell he just adores them.
They look so loved and happy.

Jim and I have some things in common. Some I knew and some I learned.

We both love planes. He flies. I look.

And well....he flies in a way I did not know about until yesterday. He does stunt flying.

Loops and spins and stalls...and well....I don't think I want to know this.
Emma would like to go along. Not me.
It would terrify me and I would puke.

We both love photography and Hawaii and birds and our families.

He is gentle and easy and I can't ever imagine him shouting.

We have some more time to spend together today...

I'll be sure to take a picture.

(He sure got a kick out of the picture I put up yesterday :o)


On another, totally different topic, I would love to direct you to Corey's lovely blog, Tongue in Cheek.

She played match maker for her nephew last weekend and writes about the whole lovely, sweet affair on her blog.

I'm sending you to the first entry and you will just have to follow along thru last weekend.

Corey lives in France and believes in love and romance....and she is a delightful writer and matchmaker.

I promise, you will fall in love with this story.

A Match made in France

And I bet you will fall in love with Corey too.

By the way, Corey and her French antiques are highlighted in Victoria magazine this month!
Check it out :o)


Here is a photo I took of Katie while we waited for Jim.

Katie asked me twenty eight times when Jim would arrive.

When he got here she gave him a Valentine :o)


Encourage one another,

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