Saturday, January 26, 2008


Why do women feel they have more value if they are making $6.00 an hour working outside the home
than they do tending to their own families, their own children?

What does society dictate?
And when did that voice become so loud and important?

Who is talking to the young women about the choices they will face when they get their BA's and their MA's...
How do you leave the fast business track and take the road home?
If they wanted to, if it even crossed their minds.
Why doesn't it cross their minds?
Is it so far off the radar; the idea of taking care of one's own family?

What does God want from us?

Who gives value?

Who do you believe?

How do we, who really love being home and believe it is valueable, pass on the great joy and fulfillment and importance of loving our husbands and children in this society?

I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

What is our true value?
In the eyes of God?
What does He value?

Please, do this without criticizing working mothers.

Some mother's work for necessity. Total necessity.
And they would love to be home.

I do not want to insult anyone or hurt anyone's feelings.

I just want to talk about how we can shine a light on the
beauty of raising children, loving your husband, keeping a home and budget and tending hearts and minds....

I want young women to know about this delicious world of home and family.

It's in their future. They just don't know it because no one is talking about it to them.

I want young mother's to ignore those terrible voices that tell them they need to get a job so that they are important and
worthy. (You might need a job for other reasons....but don't get one to feel important)

I want them to listen to voice :o) he he

God's voice would be good, too.

That is always the best place to start for me.

Does loving your husband and children line up with the word of God?

Yes. It sure does.

Does serving others have any value in God's eyes.


Is the only mission field in Africa?

Nope. It is no further than your own back yard.

Ask Dorothy.

So be positive.

Share what you know.

What was the biggest influence in your decision to stay home with your children?

Encourage one another and build each other up.

Let your light so shine....


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