Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oh look! The sun shone.
And Katie found just the perfect spot for coloring.


Once when I was in middle school, I spotted a sunny, warm spot in our family room, in the dead of winter.
I trotted up stairs to put on my little two piece swimsuit and came down stairs with a beach towel.

It was so warm.
So cozie.

And very embarrassing to be informed that one could not get tan thru a window.


And speaking of youthful misconceptions , Katie will start Drama classes today.

We are on the mailing list for upcoming plays and auditions now.

This spring the play will be Esperanza.

I looked over the audition list to see if there might be something Katie would be right for.

One role fit the bill. Girl-8 to 11.

"Parents are Mexican immigrants."


Don't think so.

So I read the list to Katie and read the 'parents are Mexican immigrants' line,
and she said, "I look Mexican!"

"Katie, you look like a little Irish girl. Not a little Mexican girl."

No, I look like a Mexican girl."

So I showed her a picture of Mark Consuelos and his wife, Kelly.

"See his dark hair and his brown skin."

"You look like Kelly."

"Okay!" she conceded.

She is determined and a bit hard headed.

I wonder where she got that trait?

Have a great weekend!

I will be around tomorrow afternoon and evening, talking football and doing a little Packer shout out.
Stop by if you want to cheer with me :o)

Encourage one another,

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