Saturday, May 24, 2008

I like Etsy.

Do you?

Etsy is a 'place to buy and sell all things handmade'.


Here is what came in the mail for me this week.

I have had my eye on these camera straps since I saw them linked at Tara Whitney's blog.
I have never used my yellow and black Nikon strap. I took it off on day one and put on my old skinny strap from my college camera. (a Minolta) But I have seen these pretty colorful straps around many photogoraphers necks....and
I wanted to be just like them :o)


No, I don't go buy shoes or eye make-up or jewerly to be in style.

I buy a camera strap.

I'm a gonner.

Here is the link for the camera straps. AND Em has new fabrics already.....
I love her new fabrics!!!


How about a sweet apron with fabulous fabrics?


A long-time blog-sistah, Randi, creates these beauties.
I check her Etsy every once in a while to see if something jumps out at me....

And this jumped right into the 'checkout cart'.

That darling VW camper fabric is by one of my favorite fabric designers, Heather Ross.

Simple Things

I love it, Randi!

Randi also has a great blog with sewing tutorials and lots of home-style goodness.

I have to say


For some strange reason, I love gift tags.

Etsy has a huge variety of gift tags. I happened upon Belleandboo over a year ago and fell for these sweet pretties.

Belle and Boo @ Etsy


If you have a favorite Etsy page or even have your own Etsy page. please
leave a link in the comments and I will be sure to come and visit!


We are, for sure, going to the Farmers Market.
I don't have anything I would like to buy.
I just want to take pictures!!!

It's so sunny today....I can't wait.

Vive ut Vivas!!!

Encourage one another,

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