Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Swimming in Wisconsin

You must be determined, hearty and desperate to swim in Wisconsin.

My memories are dotted with teeth-chattering, breath-removing dips into icy waters.

Sue and I took swimming lessons and earned our Red Cross cards for swimmings lessons in Elmhust Ill.
Our lessons were in the morning and very early in the season and I remember dreading the cold.

But, it was just God's way of preparing me for summer camp in Eagle River, Wisconsin. I went to Honeyrock camp one summer.
Diving into that lake for swimming class just about made me drown; my limbs and lungs rebelled.

I would never do a Polar Plunge. Ever.

But here is the other thing about Wisconsin.
You must make the most of every single warm sunny day, because you just don't know
when it will ever be warm and sunny again.

For example, it is currently 42 degrees outside and we have a high of fifty-seven predicted.
Our outdoor activity for today will most likely be bike riding with sweatshirts and jackets.

By the way. I got a new bike.
It is a sweet, comfy ride and I love it.

We do have a rule of thumb about going to the pool. It must be 77 degrees and we MUST stay one hour.
I am not leaving in under one hour when I just paid nine dollars for two of us. No way! We have got to get our money's worth!
Lounging, wrapped up in a blanket is allowed.
One snack is allowed.

I sure wish they heated the pool.


I had two photoshoots over the weekend. I am waiting for permission to show my session with the two little boys.
Not sure if I will be allowed. Which I completely respect....but man, I am happy with these pictures and wish I could share them :o)

And last night I ran out at twilight to take some pictures of buildings for Benn. Benn is a photographer AND he works with Patrick Sr.
He has been incredibly encouraging. Benn was hired by an architect to take pictures of his buildings.
Benn offered me a piece of the action. Really! How nice is that?

Benn @ wittworx.net

Here are a few of the shots I took last night.


These have not been edited. They need some straightening and perspective work. But the this building IS curved to start with :o)




Now, I don't know if these are use-able. But it was fun to try.


I watched '27 Dresses'. It was a little depressing. I almost cried....it was suppose to be a comedy.

We went to 'Indiana Jones'. It was too scary for Katie. And it was made so cheaply. And weird. And it was just preposterous.

*snap* Hated it.

Did you go see Indiana?

You are welcome to like it. :o) I was just under-whelmed.

I think I need a good summer read to take to the pool.

What book should I put in my beach bag?

Encourage one another,

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