Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Welcome to India.

When Emma went to India last summer, this is what they heard every where they went.

Welcome to India!

Welcome to India!

Shouted gleefully from passing cars, in the airport, in the villages.

Welcome to India.

Pastor Daniel's dark skin is not unusual here in America.

But the kids with the fair skin, stood out.

So they were noticed....and welcomed :o)

So we say to Pastor Daniel...

Welcome to America!

Pastor Daniel came over to our house last night along with the four kids who went on the mission last summer,
Jordan and Emily's dad and Emily's friend Camille. They came over for a cooking demonstration.

Now please excuse the spelling of the dishes....Emma wrote them down for me, but I doubt she has ever seen them in print so she is going by ear here.

This is the menu

Chicken Tanduri
Egg Curry
Rice (Jasmine)
Chadipali (tortilla-like)


While the veggies were being chopped, the chicken was being prepared.
The spice Pastor Daniel uses is called Masala. It is Chili, I think.
He used a lot of that...and added a lot of corn flour.

These drumsticks were supposed to be fried. But they decided to bake them because we don't have a fryer.
Personal or mechanical.



Camille mixed this chicken with her bare hands. She got all gooey.
She did a fine job. What a cutie.

Next, Chadipali from scratch.
Pastor just gave a funny example about kneading the dough.


They shaped them into disks.
Then they needed to be rolled out and fried.
Very similar to tortilla.
Whole wheat flour was used in this process.

Allissa was frying Chadipali while we were sitting down to eat.
Thankfully Patrick took over and Allissa was able to sit down with the rest of us.

As you can imagine Patrick was not too hungry for Indian food.

He had a bagel.

But he did step in to help, which was sweet. He knows dough.


Eggs were hard boiled and peeled and sauteed in olive oil!

The eggs were being prepared for the egg curry.

The egg curry dish totally took my by surprise.

You see, I buy Curried Chicken Salad at Whole foods.
It uses a spice called curry. This spice has Tumeric and red pepper in it.

To my American brain. This is curry.

But in India, curry is this.


Curry is the word for this stew.

It is tomatoes and onions and cashews and eggs and chilies.
There are many different kinds of curry.
When Emma was in India, they ate this every day. More than once a day.


The chicken turned out very well considering it was meant to be fried.

It was very tasty and a bit hot.


Here is a closeup of the Egg Curry.

We ate this with rice and chadipali. With our hands. Our right hands.

No silverware.

The chadipali made a nice scoop. I'm sorry I don't have a picture of those.
They were a lot of work and turned out well.


The red bowl contains the Dahli. Emma labels those...the mushy bean-type stuff.

I think they were similar to re fried beans. Mushy beans with some chili peppers thrown in for taste.


What a fun bunch.

They worked hard and are ready to dig in.

Aw! Allissa is not in this picture. She was frying chadipali.

Just like moms making pancakes while everyone else eats!

Sorry Allissa! You are a sweetheart.
I will be kind and not post that silly picture I took of you :o)

When you are done eating you take a glass of water and pour it on your hand
to rinse it off. The water goes on your plate.

Homemade Chai was served at the end of the meal.
(Chai is a black tea.)

I thought the meal was quite good.
I have a weird problem with my tongue burning when I eat spicy food.
More than normal.
But I found the meal very tasty and satisfying.

Thank you, Pastor Daniel and Allissa, for coming over for the authentic Indian cooking lesson!!!


While we were eating Tivo was hard at work recording DWTS.

And all I am going to say about that is....

The judges are way too mean to Kristy Yummygoochi.

Her dance was 10 times harder than the others...
She gets NO credit for difficulty and then they nitpick her to death.

Bad judges.


Oh, by the way....

Challuh means enough.

Emma wrote that for me with a smilie face :o)

Indian food is not her best. But she hides the fact well...and I am very proud of her for that!

Encourage one another,

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