Thursday, May 22, 2008

When I talked with Matthew about our visit he asked me what we would be doing.
I really didn't know.

I knew we would eat.
But, where would we crash for the entire afternoon?

I wasn't interested in going to a mall.
And the zoo was not too appealing.

And then it came to me.
The boys could golf and we could ride along in carts and cheer them on,
just like old times.

We all decided that this was an excellent idea.

You see, this is how we spent the better part of their childhood.

The boys golfing with me or with their dad.

Me being the cheerleader. Which they hated.
And the cart driver. Which I loved.

I can golf a little bit, but I am not in the same league with the boys...and they make fun of me.

So I would drive along with all the bags and Emma....and lots of times, Patrick Sr. would hop on while the boys
walked to their next shot.

This was our family time. On the golf course.

Owning a bakery took nearly every single minute of Patrick's time when the children were young.
But when he was not working, he and the boys were golfing or watching the Packers.

It took us two tries to find a course that would allow us (the non-golfing, cart-driving, spectators) to tag along.

The young man just asked that we didn't hang off the cart. And we didn't.
It was a challenge for Katie a few times. But she remained dignified.

This is a beautiful sight. My big boys.

This is Shelby. She is Patrick's girlfriend.
Isn't she pretty. She has perfect teeth ;o)

Katie and Emma were there.
They have nice teeth too.


Golfing. A beautiful walk spoiled. Not.


Matthew hit this shot into the creek over the pond. As he and Patrick looked for their balls, a
red wing blackbird first attacked Matthew and then Patrick. It was funny....and a little scary.


Melinda wasn't able to get off of work. We missed her.
But she was able to meet us for dinner.
She's a doll. And has lovely teeth, too.

The light was glowing as we left the restaurant....
and so was Emma.

We went back to Matthew and Melinda's apartment for a few hours of visiting and Wii.

It was so nice to be together.
We wished Patrick Sr. could have been with us.
He would have loved it.

We will not see Patrick Jr. for a long time now as he heads back to Washington.

A piece of my heart goes with him.


I've run out of time!

Just wanted to say, I agree that the Idol show was and hour and 45 minutes too long....

but David Cook was wonderful. His momma must be so proud of him.

He was a gentleman and considerate and was always thinking of others.

I like that so much.

I hope he does well!

Gotta dash. Hope there are not too many mistakes as I don't have time to proof...

Encourage one another,

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