Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ree has got me thinking about music today.

She is giving away a Zune. (Which, I know it's unbelieveable, I have never heard of before today.)

And she has been uploading songs by the truck load.

And here is the thing I find interesting about the whole situation.

Every time Ree would mention a song.

My brain would say stuff to me like,

Remember how John Denver died a few weeks after Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.

Remember the costumes the Fifth Dimension wore when they sang Aquarius...

Remember when I jumped on Cindy in the room at the Shearton Maui and sang "I'm an Indian, too" from "Annie Get your Gun."

Remember when John Travolta was on American Bandstand.

Remember how Grandma Hansen listened to jazz on her radio in the kitchen while sitting at the table with metal legs and the hutch with the peppermints....and the jello.

I could go on and on and on with the memories. Besides music triggering memories, I can usually guess at the date almost exactly. The radio is always on when I drive....and every day I say something like....I was in fourth grade when this song was popular.....I was your age when this song was popular.....this is a remake, I liked the original much better.

Our parents loved music and I remember our father bringing home 45's and when I was sick I would sit in the basement and rock in the green vinyl rocking chair and listen to music on the record player.

I especially liked a record by Mantovani. It was an instrumental recording of great movie themes like the theme from Exodus and the theme from Carousel and Lara's theme.

Mantovani -Exodus-Movie Themes

And Earth, Wind and Fire is a frat house at Hillsdale.

And Wildfire is Stephens College.

And "Broken Wings" is little Patrick Jr.

And "Desperado" is Patrick Sr.

And "I remember when" by Greg Brown is Emma.

And Matthew is "I've had the time of my life" from Dirty Dancing.

And Katie is "God Bless America." (911, you know)

Music and memories go together like love and marriage and a horse and carriage.

And even that is a song.

I told Ree I liked Al Green best. There is something so fabulous about Al Green but really it is so hard to choose.

Feel free to get up and dance with your kids or your honey or with yourself.....

And here is one that came to me from Ally McBeal.

Katie and I LOVE this song and sing it at the top of our lungs in the car, cause I have the CD :o)

I wasn't able to watch Ally McBeal when it first came out because the children were awake and the material was too mature for I got a late start and watched in re-runs at night or in the morning. Can you believe they do not have a DVD set of Ally McBeal? I wish they did. They had a lot of fun with music on that show. And seriously, what a cast!

But anyway,

why not share on of your favorite music memories with us!

You won't win a prize, but I would love to know if music and dates and memories are totally linked in your mind like they are in mine.

I can't remember to get the toothpaste, but I can tell you about the time I missed my exit while driving to Missouri because I was singing and distracted by Bobby Brown singing "My Prerogative". (Now that one. That's embarrassing.)

What songs trigger memories for you?

Encourage one another,

UPDATE: bummer about the comments beind broken....hopefully they will be working again soon.
I have been really enjoying your comments!!

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