Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Say it with flowers

Is there anything prettier than flowers?


How I love them.

We have a little clump of red tulips in our yard. I tossed the bulbs in the dirt one Nov. day as the snow started to fly.
We also have two yellow tulips that grow under our dilapidated mailbox.
And we have a few Iris that are still just poking their spikes upward.

But that is all. And why didn't you remind me last fall to plant more bulbs.

Next fall. Remind me to plant more. Pretty please.

Then there are the wild violets. They are so pretty to me too.



Can you see the difference?
Do you like the realistic shot or the dreamier version?

My aim, when photographing flowers is to do something original with the shot.



I know you were missing my girlie.





Oh! Here is one more from the baby shoot.




Let's see. DWTS was an amazing extravaganza, wasn't it?

I have only seen the second hour of it so far.

What I saw was very entertaining to me.

How about that Mario dancing Chorus Line? Man that is a classic!!!

I thought Julieanne and Apolo were very very steamy.
They looked madly in love or should I say lust, in the dance I saw.

Great acting?

Or a little sumthin', sumthin' going on???

Only in the purest sense....of course.....


American Idol.

I'm sorry, but I don't know what was going on with Jason last night.

I love me some Bob Marley. (I, again, am shocking Lynne....I know it :o)

But I love Bob Marley for his happy, bouncy rhythm.

I have no interest in 'lightin' my spliff'.

I am a real straight arrow.

But I love Marley's Jamaican Reggae.

But. Jason. Oh, it was painful to watch.

His performance last night was the worst thing I have ever seen on American Idol.

Worst ever!

The rhythm was off, the singing was way off, it just stunk.

If Jason stays after last night....the American voters have lost their minds.

Or they are high.

And another prediction.

Jason will wear a knit hat like Bob Marely tonight.....

In fact, I think the all of the judges should wear Bob Marley hat/dreads at the beginning of the show.

And Paula. She was lucid last night, no?

So, what do you think???

Encourage one another,


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