Friday, May 30, 2008


In which I predict how the whole show will come to an end.

Do not read this if you do not want to hear any spoilers.

The Feast is still on I will need to think up something as soon as I
tell you my brilliant plan for Lost.

First off. Benjamin only, only, only cares about himself.
So when Benjamin told Jack that all six of them and Locke must return, together to the
island, I as fuming. Why would Jack do anything that Benjamin told him to do?

(Lynn was not quite as bothered by this as I was.
She does however, laugh heartily at all of the great one liners.
And she brought coffee ice cream. :o) Thanks Lynn!)

But back to the struggling castaways.

Even tho, Benjamin needs the Six to return to the island, it is not for the same reason that the Six need to return.

As I lay in bed last night, it came to me.

They will go back. AND they will go back to BEFORE the Island moved and BEFORE the ship blew up.

Who knows, they may even be able to bring Charlie home.

AND Locke......He needs to come he can come back to life.

And in the end, they will all climb out of the rabbit hole....

The End.

I just thought of something. Benjamin wants them to go back and get his daughter, too.

Or he is just an evil mutha.

How's that for some sugar-induced reasoning?

And Lynn, you forgot your Twizzlers!


Travel, trouble, music, art, A kiss, a frock, a rhyme - I never said they feed my heart, But still they pass my time.
~Dorothy Parker


Blast from the Past


Do you recognize this salad?

It was super popular in the .....when was it popular? The 70's, the 80's?

I have too many decades to keep track of.


It's the ever popular and easy Seven Layer Salad.

It is yummy and has lots of good things in it.

And it is easy to make.

Seven Layer Salad

Lettuce-cut not torn
Celery-dice enough to make a little layer on top of lettuce
Onions-dice and layer also
Bacon-more than 1/2 a pound and less than a whole pound
Peas-scant layer; frozen
Cheddar Cheese-shred about eight ounces
Hellman's Mayo-spread one to two cups over the cheese layer
Sugar-sprinkle over the mayo
Parmesan cheese-sprinkle over mayo and sugar



Stepping into Summer: Questions

1. Tell us about your summer footwear?
2. What have you planted in your garden?
3. Who mows the lawn?
4. What is your brand of suntan lotion?
5. What is your favorite summer drink?

Do you remember the commercial for Bain de Soleil........ for the San Tropez tan?
There was white cream....and there was orange grease.
Remember that stuff?

We used Coppertone growing up.
I like the way Hawaiian Tropic smells.
So that's what I buy.

But one sniff of Coppertone really takes me back.

I think the Lost writers should incorporate smell and music into their time travel.
Cause those two things really do it for me.

Encourage one another,

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