Saturday, November 14, 2009

Donna Boucher Photography


I never thought I would be a business owner.
Really, I never really thought I would work outside the home.

I am happy in my little house, taking pictures, cooking and teaching, blogging, loving and watching tv.

But 90% of the tasks I need to do as a business owner, I like.
I love the photoshoots and editing the pictures.

Getting lost in the editing is my second favorite part.

Look at this lovely girl. She is honestly the most beautiful girl inside.
She is brilliant and helpful (she saves her sister on a regular basis) and creative.
After I uploaded her families gallery to my website, I went back and played with images in black and white.
I just had a feeling.....


It's the whole money thing that stresses me out.

I need an agent and a business manager.
Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than selling myself.

I am at the point where I either need to amp up the business or close up shop.

Thoughts and plans swirl in my head constantly.
Do I press forward with branding and price adjustments and take the chance?

No one really knows the answer to that. It is a gamble and business risk.


One of those things I am not comfortable with.


I am all about happiness and beauty and love.


Business risk.


But I do know I have value as a photographer.
I believe I am on this unexpected path for a reason.

Patrick has been my biggest support thru it all. He encourages me to spend in order to grow.
This does not freak him out. He is a business man.

I am a big scaredy cat. (apparently one who can not spell)

Artists and's a old tale isn't it?

I guess that is why the term 'starving artist' was coined.

Fortunately I am far from starving. Far. Far. From starving.


I think what is nagging at me is I want to be excellent at what I do. I want to take pictures that are up to my standard.
Which is quite high. And I feel I am succeeding in this. But the business end, I don't really like not being an excellent business woman.
I think I am feeling that I had better go all in.
Or cash it in.

I am leaning toward all in.


But if I do give it my all....
and it doesn't go as I have planned.....

I will still be the happiest mom photographer in the world.

Encourage one another,

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