Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wisdom found in comment boxes....

Maybe I had that year so that I could sympathetically pray for your dear Katie!

I believe in this, Di.

I believe God uses our experiences to minister and comfort one another along the way.

Donna, the Lord will give her the understanding and clarity and focus she needs as we continue to keep her before His throne.
~Aunt Barb

How I needed to be reminded that I was not alone, that God cares and wants to bless us.
Thank you.

Everyone has different ways to keep track and you'll have to help Katie figure out which way works for her.

You are right, Tracie.

It's like the blind leading the blind.

But I am determined.

It is my belief that (some) challenge is a good thing even though it might not seem like it at the time.

That's a good one, Holly!

Must. keep. positive. attitude.

Some kids just need more prodding and then eventually they become totally independant and own it themselves.

Yes. All children are different.
I am thankful that she cares and is willing to work on it.

I would say, relax and let Katie figure it out her own way.

I am too uptight.

Where did my gentle spirit go?

She will learn how to organize it all, though. It's great she cares about getting it right. These are skills and work ethic principles that will serve her very well when she's all grown up.

Love and patience, she's a bright girl and will be fine.

You are right. She will get it.

This is an important skill and she WILL succeed.

There is nothing better than a positive attitude.

I like that kind of thinking.

Hang in there. Katie will be fine. She has parents who care for her and love her. God Bless you all

We do. We really do.
Thank you.

mostly, it takes time and the loving support of her mother - which she has.

I get so riled up. It is more like nagging support than loving support.


Here is the plan.

I will keep a calendar along with Katie.
We will make sure together that she has her books in her back pack.
We will sit down together right after school and make a checklist of what needs to be accomplished before bedtime.
I will check to see everything that has been remembered before she goes to bed.

I am determined and I will let you know when she has mastered this and is the Queen of Organization.

Thank you for every one of your prayers and comments and stories about your own children~


You have given me courage and direction.
Thank you.


Yesterday afternoon.
A portrait and a love note.

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