Monday, November 09, 2009

Our weekend on the road visiting our children....

The good parts version.

Which basically just skips over any traffic reports, bathroom reports and sleeping issues.

So....on to the good stuff.


Sisters are really good stuff.

Windy, warm Chicago is really good stuff.

Flag football is fun, exciting stuff.


Can you feel the excitement?


Emma played Safety, Running back and Quarterback.
Here she is on defense.

They had a good time with the short half-time game. Not enough time to score, but still really fun!

DSC_6929-2 copy

Katie ran around and around in circles while she waited for Emma's game to start.
She was glad to be out of the car.

I played with my camera. I don't usually shoot outside at night in the dark.

I can always find something new to learn with my camera.

After the game we went to Ed Debevics for a late dinner.
We never know where to go out to eat. So we go there.

(It is a 50's style diner with 'fresh' waiters. (I will know how old you are if you understand the term, 'fresh'))

The next morning we woke up at 5:30 to get ready to leave for Omaha.
We met Emma for a little Starbucks before we hit the road.


It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day!!! We have not seen 70 degrees since August and this was pure delight.
Matthew and Melinda live in a really nice neighborhood with a park and a lake.

I guess this is a very special thing in Nebraska.


Matthew was embarrassed that I kept taking pictures.



I love being able to imagine where they are living now.
They should be very proud of their first home! It's a great thing for such a young couple.


We saw these on our walk.

I bent over to take pictures and everyone laughed at my butt.

I was wearing black pants. How big could it look?


But I took a picture of these oddball, green brains in the water because we did not know what they were...and I was all...
this is the forest primeval....

but I knew you would know.

In fact, I said , by comment number four, these would be identified.

Cause you are all so smart.

So prove me right.

What the heck are those things?

Encourage one another,

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