Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good morning!

I just finished Sock Knitting tutorial # 1 1/2.
Let me just say. I am here for ya, Di. :o)

Really. What else have I got to do?
I am not kidding about that.

So the first of the two sock knitting videos that I put up today will be a demonstration of
going from the cast on stitches on one needle to stitches on four needles.

The second tutorial. The official part #2 will be the heel.

Here is how Youtube works.
I get ten minutes and then the video is too large. So that is my time limit.
It takes almost an hour from that ten minutes to upload to youtube.
That is why you don't get to see it for a while.

In an hour or so, I will post the first video.

Can you imagine if I had a slow connection?

I also love that Axelle, our French reader, can listen to these tutorials and learn English.
I love that so much!
Axelle will speak English with a Northern accent.....I hope :o)

The world wide web is really a remarkable thing.

Friends in California and France and everywhere in between.

Thank you for stopping by and being a part of my life.

After School

DSC_7035-2 iso 1000

The Daily Katie.

Window light.
Iso 1000

I'll be back with the video....soon.

Part 1 1/2

Encourage one another,

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