Friday, November 06, 2009


Wait until you hear me say 'toe'.

Is it any wonder that the Coen Brothers have called and want me to play a part in "The Return to Fargo"?

Just kidding.

Katie and I did bust out laughing when we heard it tho.
The truth comes out.

Sorry about the crummy lighting.




That's what I call em.

When we moved to Wheaton, I was in the 5th grade.
The first day of school I work anklets.

Janet Bitterman said to me,
We don't wear anklets.
We wear knee socks.


It was the first snotty thing someone ever said to me.

I'm over it. Really I am.


Janet and her little girls had the BEST time meeting Ree.


Missy told Janet she should stop by the ranch.

I told Janet. You have been officially invited.

I don't think Missy understands the passion....


What an exciting time for all of Ree's friends and for Ree.
Her book is on numerous best selling lists already.

She is The Amazing P-Dub.
Look how poised she is!

And Janet! Your hair is so long.

It is longer than mine. That is a first in a LONG time!

Happy Friday!!!

We are going to see Emma play football tonight at Moody and then early tomorrow morning we are driving to Omaha to visit Matthew and Melinda! We are so excited to see their new home! Too bad we can't drive to California.

Why is California so far away?

Encourage one another,

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