Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yes. I know. She really looks grown up in this picture.

But she is still such a little girl and to tell you the truth,
this has been a really hard year for her so far.

She is having a very hard time keeping all of her assignments straight.
The work load has increased so much that is really more than her little brain can hold.

She works long and hard on homework every school night only to find she has done the wrong work or forgotten this quiz or that test.

I have been working with her on this since Oct. 1 and we are slowly making some improvements but again this morning
she mentioned an assignment that was due today that she pretty much forgot about until the drive to school.

She says it is a group assignment and they have been working on it but she is not sure if everything is complete.

When she tells me this I want to scream and cry and homeschool her.

I miss making my own schedule and knowing that Katie is learning and understanding.
I like that we were done with school during the day and that we did not have to work for four hours in the evening.

I am proud of her that she does not complain.
She has a wonderful attitude and continues to try.

She has a lovely spirit.

When she does study for the right test on the right day, she does well.
And that is good.

But I am pretty much at my wits end as to how to help her keep everything straight.

(We have internet 'teacherease' and an assignment notebook.)

Perhaps a prayer.

Let nothing disturb thee,
Let nothing affright thee.
All things are passing.
God never changes.
Patience gains all things.
Who has God wants nothing.
God alone suffices.

-St. Theresa of Avila

Dear Lord,

Thank you for our little girl, for her beautiful spirit.
Please grant her clarity and focus and understanding.
Help us guide her in every way.
In Jesus name we pray.


Encourage one another,

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