Saturday, November 28, 2009


Old and New.

mom,dad and jim

Every once in a while you see a picture that you have never seen before.

And you fall in love with it.


Or your take a picture that exudes sweetness...and it becomes a favorite.


And you succeed when you thought you failed.

This little guy is shy and I did not think I captured a good picture of his eyes.
And I was wrong and even got a kiss on the way out the door.


And the fact that even when I shoot in the bright sun and it is thirty degrees...

this happens....

And I say....thank you God for helping me....even with my photoshoots.


Sometimes the hardest things to do are your favorite things to retrospect....

cause you finally figure out how to meter a black dog on a sunny day.

DSC_8931-3 cor

And in the end, it's about love and relationship and remembering....and those are all my favorite things....

I wish for you today....

your favorite things.

Encourage one another,

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