Thursday, November 05, 2009


The rule of thumb is that red-heads should not wear red.

I like this red hat on Katie. It is a soft alpaca hat I whipped up one day.

No white shoes and purse after labor day.
Not a problem.
I don't have white shoes or a white purse.

I use the same purse for years at a time.

I remember my mother's purse; it had a clasp. In fact, I remember a white, shiny leather purse, that was the Grace Kelly Style.
She kept it on the tiny portion of counter right next to the stove.
She wore it on the crook of her arm. Not in her hand.

Our mom did not carry far as I know :o)

My first purse was a cute navy blue leather purse. It had a clasp. It was a gift.
While shopping, I set it down.
And lost it.

We may have been shopping for bras or underwear or zippers. It's a faint memory.
I remember looking all around on the floor for it.


I like making my models twirl and spin.
Katie happens to have great eye contact so she does this move especially well


The girl with the red hat.

Every-time I see this pose I am reminded of "The girl with the pearl earring."

Johannes Vermeer


Edited with Ashely McNamara's free Vintage action.

Thanks Ashley! I love it!

Ashley McNamara

If you look at Ashely's blog you will find some great tutorials along with her wonderful photography.


Janet is going to see Ree tonight at the Arizona book signing.

If you see her (Janet) give her a big hug from her big sis!!!


Say 'hi' to Ree Ree for me.

Encourage one another,

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