Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Hi Everyone!

We finally jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for Netflix.

We chose the one out at a time program. This will be enough for us.

What I would love to know is.....

What is the best movie you have borrowed from Netflix?

I would love some great suggestions from the documentary and foreign sections.

I placed a movie called Arranged in my queue and it was available online. How cool is that?
I watched it right away and loved it.
Les Miz and Constant Gardner are also in the play immediately category.
What a bonus!!!

Now i just need a more comfortable chair by my computer!

So please leave your suggestions in the suggestion box aka the comments!

Thanks so much!


Sneak Peek for Amy J


Indoor! Yes, I know. Not my usual set up. But it was cold. It was windy.
I spotted a window with a nice amount of light.

So we moved Amy's mom's furniture and gave it a try!

I couldn't have asked for more polite and well behaved subjects. :o)


We found just the right jokes and words to make Andrew feel comfortable.


Carrie's hair was so pretty curled at the ends.


After lots of indoor shots, we ran outside, one child at a time to get a few outdoor shots.

I love Emily's eyes in this picture. But you could have guess that, I bet.
I will be calling Amy to inquire about her orthodontist. My goodness, what a beautiful smile!


I had such a fun time with your children, Amy!
I think you should have a few more!

Love Donna :o)

Now. Don't forget about the Netflix question!

Encourage one another,

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