Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Button Experiment.

I have been asked if I had a button.
Well. I have been working on one. But am having a heck of a time.

I get the button to work....but I can not show you the code on my website without
the code transforming into the button.

So if I write the code down here for you to take....

it just gets all messed up. And either makes another button or messed up code with a question mark in it.

If you know how to work around this problem, please let me know in the comments.


And so I will talk about something I am much more experienced with...
and that is television.

Dancing on television.

Dancing with the Stars started last night.

What a crew.
This year I knew everyone except the Pussy Cat girl-who happens to be a dancer.

We have...

Buzz Aldrin- Astronaut who walked on the moon.
Eighty years old. So sorry to say...just horrible. His poor partner. She is an absolute
doll and deserves a gold star for sweetness and kindness.

He will go very soon.

Chad Ochocinco- Football player famous for making up his name.
He is a good dancer. He will do well.

Erin Andrews- Sports caster who was spied on.
She is in the top tier. But is a little awkward.

Evan Lysacek- Gold Medal skater. He has beautiful lines and he will do very well.

Jake Pavelka- Bachelor. Fame seeker. I'm over him and thing he is a phony.
Can't dance very well. Look forward to his departure.

Kate Gosselin- Mother of Eight. Fame seeker. Ick. She can not dance and will go very soon.
If looks could kill the judges would be dead!!! They hated her and she was seething.

Niecy Nash- LOVE her. She was NeeNee to Bonnie's Kim. She is funny and curvy.
She will not win. But I will cheer for her!

Nicole Scherzinger- Pussy Cat Dolls. Sleezy dancers....and "singers"...
She can dance. Will probably win.

Pamela Anderson-Bay Watch Babe. Over the top poser. Fake personality. Dancing abilities good...but she may tip over from the hair and bosom.

Shannen Doherty- 90210. Troubled star. I didn't care for her dancing...but her story and her daddy were sweet.

Aiden Turner- All my Children actor. Handsome and not a good dancer.

I pick Aiden Turner to go home first.
Buzz and Jake and Kate will go early on and perhaps Pamela.
Niecy may go because no one knows her.

Evan, Chad and Nicole will be there for a long time.

Some of the dances were painful to watch and I wish they danced to actual
recordings and not to that band. Sorry band. I like the real thing.
I'd rather hear Frank sing Frank and Lady GaGa sing Lady GaGa.

And that is what I think of Dancing with the Stars. I like to have people
I love and people I dislike. We are heavy on the dislike side...but that
usually happens and then I get to yell at the tv and cringe and isn't that
what Dancing with the Stars is all about anyway?


On the bird front.

We had a chickadee or a nuthatch.
It was very exciting.


I'll be ordering Hannah's graduation pictures today.
I love to see what clients love.

Here are a few that Hannah loved that I don't think I have shown you before.




Hannah is going off to college to be a nurse!
Isn't that wonderful? I love nurses.
She is gentle and caring and smart.
All wonderful qualities for a nurse.

Time to dive into photoshop for the last inspection and then I will
start uploading to Simply Color and Simply Canvas.

That top picture may be too blue....
That's why I look at them one last time....

Have an excellent Tuesday!

Encourage one another,


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