Friday, March 05, 2010


The worst part about being sick is missing all of your very favorite activities.
Katie had a huge line up of important things this weekend.

Destination Imagination
Fish Fry
Basketball game.
Birthday party
more Destination Imagination.


I guess we will make a trip to the doctors office today.

But you know what that means....that most awful of tests...

the throat swab.

Oh my goodness. I have already gently warned her. She really hates that throat swab. :o(

The rest of the day we will be playing Uno.


Katie is growing up.

She uses strategy now. There is some thinking going on
in that pretty little head of hers....


What is the most important thing you ever missed because of a stinkin' illness?

When I was little I didn't get to visit my brother at Culver Military Academy because
I got car sick so easily. My dad took a few of my sisters to visit Jim, but left me home.

Can't say I blame him.


What is your favorite card game to play with your family?

Happy Weekending!

Encourage one another,

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