Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Look me in the Eye"

This is my new read.
It is easy and interesting reading.
And really.
How appealing is that cover?

I would like that job, (book cover photography) thank you very much.
I'd like just about any photography job actually.

I find it endlessly interesting and fun.

When I was head photographer for my yearbook, I took pictures of
everything that was going on at school. New assignments every day.

Football and baseball games. Sororities and Greek Week.
Famous people coming in for lectures and lots of groups.

It was a busy, fun time.

Now....during the winter, my photography sessions come to a stand still.
Not having a studio and living in Wisconsin is distressing for this
outdoor photographer.

That's why God gave me Katie.


I'd be blue without her.

Encourage one another,

What book are you reading this week?

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