Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Katie takes a sandwich to school every day.
Well, every day that she does not get hot lunch.
This month the total hot lunches are zero since she was sick on the day
the hot lunch order form came home and we missed the boat completely.

Back to her sandwich.

Katie's sandwich consists of two pieces of white bread and three slices of thinly sliced turkey.
It's a pitiful sight.

This sad looking little sandwich has been the choice for each and every one of my children.
I can not believe I have produced this slew of plain sandwich eaters.

I think of my mom and how she did it.

The sandwiches we ate as children were a thing of glory.

When we were very young we came home from school for lunch.
We had sandwiches and leftovers.

I remember fried egg sandwiches.
I remember spaghetti with an egg on the side with
a big glass of milk.
Did we get chips? I can't quite remember that.
If we did get chips, they were Jays.

When we were in high school we took hot lunch during the school year,
but the sandwiches in the summer were spectacular.

Our mother would line up fourteen pieces of Golden Hearth white bread (the bread in the wax covering)
and to that she would put,

French's mustard
liver sausage
and little round pickles.

There were no special orders. Our mother was not an octopus.

This was how she made them and we LOVED them.
Only the meat changed. In fact, her fried egg sandwich had all of those ingredients on it!!!

I think I need to go out and buy some liver sausage today.

Our mom would never have guessed that her sandwiches would be her food legacy.

My children will not have that. They will remember my love for Diet Dr. Pepper, I am sure.

I guess we all have something different to offer,
and I don't really think we can pick what it will be.

It just happens naturally in families.

What are your favorite food memories?

Encourage one another,

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