Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mean It.

Susie's story to tell.

I hesitated on sharing Sue's story because it is her story.
She shared what is going on in the comments over the weekend.

If you didn't have a chance to see her comments, they are still there so you can read her own words about
what has been happening.

I have decided that I will talk about what she has shared.
Sue says she has a brain defect. It is actually a brain tumor.
She is off of school now and will get treatment soon.

She says she doesn't have pain. Just a headache from time to time
and she has had trouble sleeping. We are all so thankful that she is feeling well.

Her friends are bringing meals, her sibs and long time friends are coming to visit and her children have all come home
to be with their mom! She is so beloved.

She says in the comments. "Love you. Mean it."

And well, we have made that our little slogan now.

We do mean it. We have always meant it.

We will continue to mean it.


Sue gets lots of phone calls and texts.
She is a very popular girl.


She also gets lots of love.
Her hair is not usually parted on this side and it looks odd to Sue. But this is where the biopsy staples are, so that's why
it's parted this way.

Her staples come out on Wednesday so she can properly part her hair then :o)


Janet and Sue as bokeh. We are all about the bokeh in our fam.


Janet has decided to wear the blue sweater more often...her eyes look so pretty and BLUE,
She must be adopted.


Sue's husband Keith is a man among men.
He adores his Sugar. Always has.
We love Keith. There is nothing a sister wants more than knowing her sister is loved.


Sue's friend from work stopped by. Patrick thinks she looks just like Diane Keaton.

And speaking of Patrick. He is a man among men too...he did such a good job taking care of Katie.
Love you honey.


Cindy lives in Columbia also. She is Sue's best buddy and Keith's right hand man.
Cindy is there. She is on top of things and tireless.
Well, kind of tireless. The girl has energy but she is not sleeping the best so she could use
prayer for rest and comfort and strength.


Cindy is amazing.

Now we just have to stop her from tattooing "Mean it" on her bo-ttom.



I'll stop here for now.

I took wonderful pictures of Sue's twins and their respective honey's
and fun pictures of the big Burr Oak on the river bottom which I'll post tomorrow.

We would love prayer for Sue and her family.

I asked Cindy this morning if it was alright to post this blog post and
she said,

"Sure! You have a very loving following! They will be grateful for the
info and will pray and support with a vengeance!!"

She is so right.
You guys have a sweet reputation.

Thank you!

Encourage one another,

p.s. Sue says, "Sometimes there are just not enough brownies."

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