Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Asher is One year old today.


We have babies because we think it will be wonderful and fun and cozy and exciting.

But the thing is...babies come to teach us to be unselfish and to love unconditionally and to sacrifice.

Those are the biggies.

And if they weren't so darn cute and funny and sweet and entertaining, I'm sure we would all just quit it....

but we don't....

No one thinks, 'I think I want a baby so I can learn to sacrifice and never think of myself again.'



I guess we can't stand not taking part of this glorious adventure...that is family making.


The loving...well...that's the easy part.

Happy Birthday Asher Boucher.

You are a good boy!
You are a smart boy!
You are a nice boy!

You are loved to the moon and back!!!
Always and Forever,
Yaya or Honey....

just not grandma.

Encourage one another,

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