Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I am not a big shopper. I go shopping when I am desperate or when I am being a nice mom or wife.
Patrick needed Starlight mints and the best ones he has found...any where in the world is the Farm and Fleet in our town.
And I am not kidding about anywhere in the world. We used to buy them on the Internet from Brach's and then Brach's changed distributors and starting getting new and icky Starlight mints so Patrick had find some he liked and fortunately he found them locally.

So I picked up the mints and grabbed a bag of those fruity flavored Tootsie Rolls. Those are weird, aren't they?
But I like em.

So while we were there we decided to walk over to the clothing section. I thought they might have winter coats for Katie to match the mittens I am knitting her but I couldn't find a thing.

What I did notice is that heavy women are doomed.
Oh my word, the clothes were hideous.

For some reason the designers think heavy women want ugly fabrics, HUGE splashes of paint like splotches and jewels around the neckline. They are AWFUL. And it's not just Farm and Fleet, it's just about everywhere. But Farm and Fleet wins.

So you can imagine my surprise when I walked past this pretty colored hat.

I think I bought it partly as a way to encourage the buyers of the store.

This. is. cute. I will buy this wonderfully colored Carhart hat.

Get more stuff like this.



And that's the truth.

Encourage one another,

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