Monday, August 29, 2011

Listen to this song...
perhaps the words will resonate with you.

The first few lines caught my attention while watching a Trailer for Like Crazy in the theater on Sat afternoon.
I love the voices and the music but the words are creepy, I think.
I think they are singing about ghosts or deceases...and by the look of the other songs...this group is rather dark.

but....they sing so pretty....

We went to see My Idiot Brother. It was funny and Paul Rudd payed a very sweet brother.
My husband said, "Not as good as Bad Teacher."

So there you go.



Sneak Peak.

A few more pictures from my Friday shoot.


We will get this one out of the way....
No one will appreciate it's beauty like I will.
I'm kind of a nutty photographer that way.



Be still my heart....


Such handsome boys!



Not only are they ridiculously good looking...they were super fun to be with!

Thank you! Can't wait to show you the rest!


This morning we head off to school for the first day of sixth grade.
I remember sixth grade...not a whole lot...but I remember my girl friends...

Claire Lamb and Lynn Robinson and Heidi Hutchinson....

We all lived in the same neighborhood.
They all moved away.

Seems I have been saying goodbye to friends for a very long time...
And perhaps that brings us back to that haunting song.

All right...
don't mean to be a Debbie Downer...
Off to school!!!

The sun is shining, Katie's hair is curled, the backpack is bulging...

All's right with the world.

Encourage one another,

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