Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I read a tremendous article this morning on living ....

Everyday lives of love and justice

I think you will love this article.
I did.

The Just Life.Org

"God enables us, through Christ, to enter into the injustices we are presented with, but we forget that. We fail to remember that Jesus is still at work today and is beckoning us to join him. All God asks is that we bring to Him whatever position, possession, or potential that He has already blessed us with. He compensates for everything we need, and as we wade in, He works in us and through us. Only incarnate ministry develops this kind of opportunity. Only there do we change. As we give ourselves fully to the incarnate work of Jesus we participate in, experience, and advance the presence of the Kingdom. Every day."

~Brian Kammerzelt





The yarn. I forgot to tell you about the scarf pattern and the number of stitches.

I will cast on six hundred and forty eight stitches.


The yarn is Claudia Hand Painted.
(I thought it was Koigu until this morning.)

Guess the name of the yarn....
What do you think it is called?
What would you name it?

The pattern is by Churchmouse Classics and it is called Barb's Koigu Ruffle.

I haven't cast on yet....but I will let you know how that goes.

Have a lovely day!

Encourage one another,

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