Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yesterday afternoon I taught a one on one photography class to the loveliest woman from Arkansas!

I was her birthday present!

Isn't that funny? I wish I had remembered to wear a bow in my hair...or something :o)

Her husband emailed me and asked if I would have a workshop or some private time to teach this week.
I didn't have a workshop scheduled but I had some free time and so we arranged it all...and then on her birthday he surprised her and told her what her present was!!

We met downtown Madison. It was a spectacularly beautiful day.
Katie came along to model. You know I don't want to be in every picture. eek.


DSC_8136-74 copy


a brief encounter with a wasp




Love this shot. You can see that I spoil her sometimes....
(teaching backlit shooting)

What a great day it was.
Taking pictures. Meeting a delightful new friend.
Teaching, sharing, laughing.

...and spending time with all of you.

Sweet life.

Always love,

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