Saturday, August 27, 2011

I am not a hoarder.
Except in one little teeny spot.

My inbox.
I find it super hard to delete emails. I have 3832 messages in my inbox.
I treasure the words people have written me and I can't let go.

Some messages are business related and like check stubs, I feel like I should be saving them.
I do try to be efficient and delete goofy forwards and junk mail. But one tidbit of information keeps me from hitting the delete button.

For instance, I got an email from British Airways this week. The deal was under $300 to Europe.
After reading closer, it was actually $300 each way. Still $600 to Europe is pretty good.
This information might be valuable to someone. (see...thinking like a hoarder)
Although I spotted even more fees at the bottom of the BA page. (Such as $200 more in fees.) But is $800 to Europe good? Possibly.
So it's saved and if you want to buy a ticket to Europe.

Email me.


See Carol.
It just happens.

And then I giggle and think, that was fun how that came out.


So fess up. How many emails are in your inbox right now?

Donna aka email hoarder and accidental writer

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