Friday, August 12, 2011

I find the cutest things on Pinterest.


If you haven't been on a ride lately, I'll fill you in.
Camera's are set up to take thrilling pictures of every car that goes by on the ride.
When you exit the ride you can see your see how you looked at that scary moment.

Isn't this so clever?

My Pinterest


And look at this fabric!!!

I have no idea what I would make with it, but it makes me super happy to look at it.
It is called Happy Summer and Happy Camping.

happy summer

happy camping

Etsy Shop with this fabric



I had a really wonderful senior photo shoot yesterday.
We were just going for the simple head shots, really. Nothing corny or foofoo....

And well....

the brother was there....and the daddy was there....and the dog was there....

and we got pictures of everyone...

Really cute pictures, if you ask me :o)

I'm waiting for the okay to show more pictures.

You will just have to enjoy that scrumptious french horn bokeh for now :o)

Happy Friday!

Do you play an instrument?
Do you know what to make with that cute fabric?
Do you watch Dance Moms?

Encourage one another,

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