Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It was a dark and stormy night....



actually is was a bright and peaceful afternoon.
Katie and I had been working all day to clean and prepare for a dinner at our house with one of Patrick's co workers.
I grocery shopped in the morning. The corn looked terrible at the Target so I made a trip to a farm stand.
I picked out six ears right off the truck and hoped for the best. Corn is tricky. It's always good, actually, but to me it's weird that you can't see it. But that's just me, I guess.

So about 4:30 Katie and I went outside to shuck the corn.

It's a tedious job but I was actually enjoying quietly sitting with Katie.
The cicadas were quietly doing what ever they do to make that buzz.
A gentle breeze drifted past.
A fly went by.

Katie was struggling with the tassel strands.
She did not like that part of the job.
I showed her how you can hang the corn upside down to loosen the tassels a little
and gently pull it off like that. It leaves less to pick at.

I told her I would do it and she could tear off the big green leaves.

A few minutes later Katie got creeped out by a thumb full of mush.
What is this? she wondered.

I had a hunch.

I took the corn and peeled back the leaves.

There was a very healthy green worm eating away at the fresh corn.

"Look" I said and shoved the corn Katie's way.

The peaceful afternoon was shattered by a high and very loud scream!
Katie jumped up and ran to the far side of the yard where she proceeded to throw her arms in the air and panic.

And I, of course, laughed.
Really hard.

I threw that piece of corn away. I don't care if the worm was nibbling only on the end.
It's just creepy.

But the corn we did eat was
the most tender and sweetest of the season.

Worms know things.

A worm in your corn is probably a good sign.

Happy August!

Encourage one another,

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