Wednesday, August 03, 2011

On Friday night, we drove straight from Wisconsin to a Triple A baseball game in Omaha to meet Matthew, Melinda, Asher and Melinda's family.
They had tickets to a game and when you invite yourself to come and never know what you're gonna get.


Melinda's dad spotted us sitting in our seats and walked right over and handed Asher to Katie and me.

He looked like this most of the night.


By Sunday, he was feeling a little better about us.

Last night was Katie's end of season party for softball.
I helped set up. That was my job.

I have never sweat so in my life. Yow-za!!!

I sent Katie over to the party by herself to celebrate with her team mates.
Actually I drove her over and dropped her off at the softball diamonds.

Patrick went to hang out with her a little bit at 6:30 and 7:30. He told me that Katie spent her money on a few small raffles.

This is the text I got from him.

Patrick: Katie is learning that you don't win raffles.
Me: :o(
Patrick: She stands right in front...waiting to win.
Me: That girl could break your heart.

Fortunately she got over that disappointment very quickly.

Quicker than I did, I think.

She had a fun night with her team mates.

We are going to have a fabulously fun day today.
My Internet friend who is now my real life friend, kathyb is coming to visit.
She and her daughter are coming up from Chicago for the day!

Can't wait!

She told me I am not allowed to dust.

But she didn't say anything about doing the dishes and sweeping the floor :op

Better get going!

Have a super day!


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