Monday, August 15, 2011

The Help and my little co-pilot.

The Help is a very good movie. It was touching and funny and sad.
The screen play was as full as it could be. I didn't want it to end.

I particularly like Minny, played by the talented Octavia Spencer. The Minny and Celia storyline was one of my
favorite parts of the book. It was very sweet to be sitting next to Katie who felt so strongly for Celia. Katie warmed up to Celia's color-blindness and loved her for it. Katie found a hero in Celia.

Sissy Spacek (while too young to play the part) was GREAT.

Ron Howard's daughter played Hilly. She was excellent at playing the villain.

Emma Stone (Skeeter) was terribly handicapped by the worst hair in the history of movies. (in my eyes)
I could not stop staring at her scalp. Her hair was matted at the scalp. I'm sure it was a wig.
A Irish Dancing wig. blech.

The movie was a touch 'light' for the subject.
When Minnie is hit we do not see it.
A short jail scene is even happy and gay.

I am sure these things were not meant to be trivialized...
but I felt the were not weighted properly.

The book is better. I loved the book.
I haven't read a book I liked better in years.

But go see the movie. It's a really good movie and hopefully it will be nominated for some awards come Oscar time.

Just not hair and makeup.


“Life's better with company. Everybody needs a co-pilot.”
~up in the air






Thankful for mine.

Encourage one another,

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