Wednesday, August 14, 2013

8th grade

Katie and I went to registration for school yesterday.
8th grade.

Gosh. Grade School is almost over.

I remember 8th grade.  Well...  I remember cheerleading mostly.
Edison Jr. High.



The other thing I remember was learning to do a back handspring.
I landed on my head a lot.
My arms were weak.  It took a lot of work and practice but I finally got it.

It was 1970.

I know this because my cheerleading coach gave each girl who learned a back handspring a charm.

How neat is that?  I do not remember her name or what she even looked like.
But I remember something encouraging and kind that she did.

I wish I remembered who it was.

My charm bracelet

Did you have a charm bracelet?

Encourage one another,


  1. That is so nice. I always wished I had a charm bracelet, but never got one. Maybe I should start one now. ;) Our team was the CHS Bulldogs. I can still recite all the cheers and the motions to this day!

  2. I have one that my mom gave me, bit by bit. I love it. It is right upstairs in my top drawer (-: I don't wear it, but I love it.

    My Bren is starting high school this year. Homeschooling perhaps for the last year, as Claire is a senior and Bren might go to school next year. Gives me lots to think about!

    Happy Wednesday,

    1. Anonymous7:33 PM

      Dear Di, that will be a big change in your life...not home schooling anymore. Keeping you in our prayers.

      Dear Donna, Yes, I have a charm bracelet and I have my mother's charm bracelet which is even more special. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. Sorry to be so late. Busy times around here.
      love and prayers, jep

  3. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I have one. I try to find charms as souvenirs when I travel, but sometimes it is expense. I often just buy one off the internet once I get home. It still reminds me of my trip. I also have a bunch of heart charms, #7 charms (Nickname from my grandpa), initial charms, and shoe charms. I love mine. I had wanted one forever and finally decided to get myself one several years ago.

  4. Hi Donna---long time, no post. I am sorry. I was given a charm bracelet in the 7th grade. My 13th birthday. I still have it. I remember the most unusual charm was a Beatle wig !! They were so new and so popular that people were making money on them anyway they could. I had a baton, holy medals, a miniature senior ring (added later, of course),bowling pin, school pendent , report card, map of the state I was born, and a silhouette profile of me !! My miniature ring is missing. :(( My mom was sec. of her church and was in charge of the lost and found. She kept a charm bracelet for 10 years, and when she retired, the priest told her to take it. She gave it to me. I wish I could find who owned it. There are some wonderful charms on it, and I know it is special to someone.

  5. I had one when I was about Katie's age also. My mother gave it to me with a few charms and then I bought maybe half a dozen more while on vacations, etc. I think I still know where it is. I love the look of some of the newer types of charm bracelets but they are so expensive (at least for our budget). I can't believe school time is almost upon us again.

  6. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I have the charm bracelet from when I was little. We would buy charms from places we visited. Then for my 50th, my internet friends came to help celebrate, and gave me a charm bracelet with each of their states or something that would remind me of them. I love it!
    Kris Irving Schwarz

  7. I got a charm bracelet with my name on it, probably around age 12. I think it had two charms on it - one for Campfire Girls and probably a church one. We never got another charm as they sort of went out of style, so I never wore it.

    My DS starts grade 7 today at a new (to him) charter school. Counting the hours to find out how it went.

  8. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I have a charm bracelet from my grade school years. My mom and aunt gave me charms as birthday and Christmas presents. My favorite charm is a whistle that says If You Need Me on it. I don't wear the bracelet anymore but when I take it out of my jewelry box I can't help but smile- wonderful memories. Do you remember ID bracelets? I have one of those too. I was in 7th grade when my family moved to another state and my four best friends pooled their money together and bought me a silver ID bracelet with Debbie engraved on the top and the inscription 7th Grade Friends on the back. I still have it too and cherish both bracelets.

    Debbie Z.

    1. I had an ID bracelet too. My sister nancy gave it to me. I always wanted one from a boy. With his name on it :)

  9. I still have my charm bracelet- one of my favorite possessions. My aunt started it for me with a charm with my name and 2 charms from her own bracelet. In the following years my grandparents would pick up charms as they traveled the world, and my parents would add to it with our own travels, and hobbies I had. It has over 50 charms, some even doubling up on links <3

  10. Your photos and memories take me back ... I was in 8th grade in '68 so we're just 2 years apart. Except I was NEVER a cheerleader, ha! YES, still have my charm braceletS. My first one filled up so I got another. So heavy and noisy but full of memories of friends, vacations, Girl Scouts.

  11. Hello! I have my grandma's charm bracelet and it is so precious to me.

  12. I don't have a charm bracelet, but I did think of you today as I drove through Madison on my way home from Ohio.

  13. How wonderful that you have that!!

  14. I don't have a charm bracelet. Does Katie?

    Kaish is starting 8th grade this year just like Katie. I hope it is a good year for him. Kaish has such a hard time with school. He has been a real bugger this summer. Bria and Naji are here and Bria has been especially good. She and Kaish are the same age. They were born just 4 days apart from each other.

    I tried out for cheerleading every single year and I never made it. I tried and tried. I hoped and prayed. My little fat self could never jump high enough or do the right moves. Oh, I wanted it so badly. Finally, when I was junior in high school, the cheerleading coach said, "We would like you to be the manager for the cheerleaders." I was so elated to finally be a part of the group.

  15. Cyndi K G8:43 PM

    I had a charm bracelet that had a charm on every link: some represented things I loved, like music or God; some stood for places I had visited. I loved it!


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