Thursday, August 22, 2013

What is funny?

This post is from November 2011.  I've been thinking about what I think is funny lately.  We know what makes the majority of people cry.  But laughter is a very different!

These pictures crack me up. 
Emma and Melinda trying on nutty clothes.
Melinda doing a ninja kick.  (hysterical)
The girls broad physical humor outside Farm and Fleet. (Clay Matthews)

I like people that I can make laugh and that can make me laugh.

I'm a comedy narcissist.


Enjoy my goofy girls.  I know I do!




Chanel who?

International Harvester, Farmall, John Deere, Carhartt.....




Being seen can mean more than one thing.


Black Friday Ninja



fun. times. good. times.


  1. Amy J in WI10:51 AM

    I like people who make me laugh, too. Which is why I like you :). Life is too short to be serious all the time....

  2. You make me laugh too Amy!! :o)

  3. I never met my maternal grandmother, but she was rumored to have, truly, no sense of humor. How she gave birth to my mother, whose humor was legendary, I have no idea. Mom would sometimes reflect on what life must have been like for her mom...and she would visibly shudder. No humor? SO MANY TIMES humor has made a bad day better.

    My children think I have twelve year old boy humor. I laugh at many things a dignified woman wouldn't dream of laughing at. Oh well. Maybe I am a late bloomer (and gender confused?)


    1. I am right there with the twelve year old boys. In our family we think flatulence is about the funniest thing on the planet.

      So I grinned when at a bridal shower this week, one of the written pieces of advice from a beautiful red headed wonder was "laugh so hard that you f**t."

  4. Anonymous11:03 AM

    My dad has always had a great sense of humor that has been passed down to me and my sisters. We are always acting like a bunch of dorks. But, hey, we have a lot of fun!

    I like your sense of humor, too, Donna!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  5. I love physical humor. Remember Balkie on that cousins TV show? He busted me up.

    I love these Farm and Fleet pictures for many reasons: the facial expressions, the disorientation of Melinda and Emma as Norwegian bachelors, AND because I've been at that very store! Both times Dorothy and I came to visit you, we stopped at Farm and Fleet on the way home. Fun!

    Carol B.

    PS - We're rejoicing in the birth of our first grandgirl, Aria! She has an intense gaze and loves to eat and makes little squeaks. I have her three big brothers. They pray: Help me to always protect my little sister / Make her nice to me / Help her to hold my hand tight when we walk. (*That's* funny~)

    1. congratulations Carol!!! a new baby: what joy!

    2. Anonymous8:13 PM

      Children pray the most honest prayers of all. I am rejoicing with you Carol. Thanks be to God for Aria and her three big brothers. love and prayers, jep

  6. First of all: I love these photos!

    The longer we're married, the funnier I find my husband. He has a dry sense of humor, and I used to roll my eyes -- but he's worn me down :-)

    My maternal grandfather was hilarious. I'm sad that important people in my life (my husband, my kids) never got to meet him. He could make up a song about you on the spur of the moment that would have you in stitches. Nicknames were his specialty and they were the best.

    My dad can tell long, involved jokes and short, 2 liners. And they're all funny. His whole family are happy, joking, funny people.

    My brother is one of the funniest people I know. My sister in law also cracks me up. As you can imagine, going home is always a blast!

  7. I LOVE to laugh. Sometimes when you go without seeing that one friend or family member that makes you laugh constantly for a while, you wonder why in the world you haven't spent more time with them or why can't everyone be like that. You know I'll definitely make a face or do a silly dance for a laugh... only occasionally am I witty. haha. Thanks for being a mom who taught me the value of humor!

  8. Janice12:23 PM

    Phun Photos.

    The other day I watched Donald O'Connor's "Make 'em Laugh" dance number! Everything leads back to 'Singin' in the Rain'! Did you know it took him 3 days in bed to recover from that number? Random facts from Janice.

  9. Those pictures remind me of a time when I and my best girlfriend went to a shoe store and tried on all the funny platforms. We laughed and laughed. Then, the store owner kicked us out!

  10. I didn't laugh aloud until the ninja. :)

    But I loved seeing the Farmall and IH. dad worked for them for 45 years. Way to represent! ;)

    1. I know!!!! Can you believe Melinda!!!?

    2. Almost as funny as Napoleon Dynamite! Now that's some hilarity, right there!!! ;)

    3. Can I just say that I watched Napoleon Dynamite without a chuckle (okay, I chuckled at the dance...that's it.) The humor was totally missing me.


  11. OMGosh ... I love, love, love Farm & Fleet but we don't have any near us. I think the "atmosphere" of that store just brings it out of you .... LOL

  12. I love this, and think it's totally funny, and I don't even know you all in real life. :)
    My favorite is to make people laugh. When I post something on Facebook (usually something stupid that I did) and someone else likes it or says they think it's/I'm compliment ever. I love it that my kids still laugh and think I'm funny. So...I know what you mean by comedy narcissist. That is hilarious.

  13. Anonymous8:23 PM

    It is such fun to be around folks who laugh, tell or just know how to laugh at a joke, but the most fun is when you look over at another person and just burst out in laughter, because that person understands what you think is funny to them, too. That is the best way I can think to describe how my husband and I act. And, Thanks be to God for the laughter especially during stressful times. Making another person laugh is a powerful feeling. Laughter lifts us Love. Dear God, Please bless all those who live lives full of laughter and love. Amen love and prayers, jep
    PS I am so thankful for QL and the love and laughter here!

    1. THIS. is it. exactly. You summed it up so well. {{{LOVE}}} this :-)

  14. LOVE these Donna!!


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