Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Chippies. Haiku.



sweet little chipmunk
who wouldn't love your big eyes
present for cindy

Your turn.


  1. To Chippie

    It's a good, good thing
    That you're not in my Dad's yard,
    Or else you'd be dead.


    1. Anonymous2:59 PM

      Oh thank you so much Stephanie, I needed a hardy laugh and tears of laughter in my eyes. We came back from a hard road trip to discover the need to put Dad in assisted living, so our dancing feet have been moving to the drum beat of moving which is less like dancing and more like work. We are still in process, but at least today we got the pictures hung and Dad left us he was so antsy to get down and eat with his new friends. God does answer prayers with solutions we can miss if we don't really pay attention. Again, thank you for the laughter and thanks Donna for this opportunity for such creative wordsmiths here at QL. love and prayers for you each one, jep

    2. sending a virtual hug to you jep - love and prayers

    3. Oh jep. Those are such hard changes and our dads are so special. I am praying for you all right now. And grinning at those silly chippies, and my dad with his BB gun. :)

    4. I'm sorry Jep. I'm glad your dad is settling in well!!
      Saying a prayer.

    5. Anonymous6:29 PM

      Caring thoughts
      So greatly appreciated
      God's blessings you are to me!

      You dear ones, you and your prayers are precious to me. love and prayers, jep

    6. Jep,
      You have been very much on my heart these last few days, and just yesterday I was standing at the stove, stirring something, and I knew I needed to be praying for you and your dear dad. The Lord sure knows our needs, and esp. how tender our hearts are toward are mommies and daddies. Much love to you!

    7. Di, I love this - how the Spirit reminds us about one another. Beautiful.

    8. Anonymous8:53 AM

      On my way out the door...had to stop to read here today. Thank you Di for your prayers yesterday. Keeping our tongues firmly between our teeth seems to be best these days and I know God is helping and so are prayers. Finding the peace in this storm is a blessing. Love always is the answer. And, yes Susan the Spirit reminds us of one another and it is Beautiful. Thanks to all.
      love and prayers, jep

    9. Anonymous11:09 AM

      Dear jep, Winter time in life:
      Father is changing his home
      for the warmth of care.
      Regards, Jamie
      Love and prayers to YOU!

    10. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Dear Jamie, Thank You! Late lunches are always better with Haiku from friends. jep

  2. to a critter:

    Oh brown-eyed chipmunk
    your face is so cute and small
    but your claws say "ouch"


  3. To Donna:

    Hello Miz Booshay
    My name is Mr. Chippie
    Can I stay with you?

  4. cute little chipmunk
    your brother is at my house
    eating tomatoes

  5. Dawn K12:13 PM

    Cindy is so brave,
    To take on a chipmunk.
    Cute, but close to rats!

  6. Alike

    Ears on the alert
    Under whiskers on my chin
    But I am not caged

  7. Chippie love

    Some call them french fries
    In Scotland they love their Chips
    A spud is a spud

    *this is fun*

  8. You guys are GREAT!!!!

  9. Anonymous1:11 PM

    My sis's childhood pet
    His name was Jimmy Chipmunk
    Innocently loved.

    Debbie Z.

  10. An ode:

    Brown and cute and small,
    You destroy my growing things;
    Crippling paradox.

  11. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Oh! How! Fun!!!! :D
    sis' cindy

  12. Please give me some nuts
    But don't call me a squirrel
    Call me Chip or Dale.

  13. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Hey there, Chip old boy.
    Where is your twin brother Dale?
    Have you grown apart?

    Mary Z

  14. Cyndi K G8:31 PM

    Cat caught a chipmunk
    She was proud of her prowess
    Left it on the porch


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