Monday, January 24, 2005

bits and pieces

Read Staggerford by Jon Hassler last week which is a very big favorite of MamaT. I liked it very much and I am still thinking about the characters. They were very engaging and funny and complex. MamaT knows this book like I know the Princess Bride. She and her sister call each other with 'Agatha' moments. Isn't it great to find a character that you truly love in a book?


My condolences to the Carson family and to my sister Cindy. Cindy was the Johnny Carson fan in our family. I remember her falling asleep with the television on in her room when she was in middle school. I think he kept her company at a tender and lonely time in her life.

(Cindy, I really do not mean to make you cry in front of all of your kindergarten)

Cindy was a renegade of sorts. She took over our brothers room and donned it with a little television. Made her own little space. I remember thinking she was very independent to move from our bedroom into her own...all on her own.
And watching television into the night on a school night. Well...that's bold. :o)

I'll be thinking of you Cindy as they eulogize Mr. Carson. I will remember how much you liked him. And cry when Bette sings to him.


Emma's indoor soccer team won their first game on Saturday!!!
They won 25-6. After a while the crowd starts cheering quietly and then not at all for the goals. Two things contributed to the win, in my opinion, their goalie was having a really bad day and our team started passing, very well.


Emma and I stayed up talking until 1:30 last night.
She is such a blessing to me.
I don't deserve such a daughter.


Matthew is unreachable by phone. He went back to college last week. We tried many, many times to call him. I know he is fine. We just like to know how everything is going.

(Hey Matthew, if you read this, leave us a little message in the comments! Pretty please)
He is a blessing too.


I look forward to a nice full week of school.
Katie and I are reading Pippi Longstocking. I'm not sure if I think Pippi is too sassy.
We dug out the Into the Woods audiotape and we are playing it in the car. Katie gets so excited to listen and tries to sing all the words. And boy are there a lot of's Sondheim!

I'm off to greet another week.

Thanks for keeping me company!

Encourage one another,

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