Saturday, January 22, 2005

Elsie is a very happy cow, isn't she?

Thank you all for your interesting, funny, tender and honest comments.
I love learning more about you all and getting to visit with you in this strange and wonderful medium.

Last night, I was speaking to our oldest son on the telephone and I asked if he had read the blog lately and told him that there were 40 comments. He said he read it at the library the other day while he was checking his email. (His computer blew up-threw sparks and everything!)

Me: I can't believe that 150 people come and read the blog. I can't imagine why they come.
Patrick Jr: Well, there are 150 people just like you out there.
Me: That sounds about right.


Katie and I had an interesting conversation in the car yesterday. We had just left the home of a former neighbor. This neighbor provides daycare in her home and she asks Katie and I to come over and visit on days when Emma is busy and she has children Katie's age at her house.
Katie had a wonderful time. One sweet little girl told Katie that when she had her birthday, she would invite Katie to the party. Well, this is just beyond thrilling to my Katie. As we head out the door, I ask K. "When is you birthday?" "May 9th" she says.

Yikes! That is a forever wait for Katie. (And any five year old, I imagine)

So as we are driving along Katie pouts, "I wish it was May." Boo hoo...long face.

I, in my gentle, motherly, lecturing tone say, "Now Katie dear, you just had a wonderful time with you friends. You need to be happy that you got to have such a good time. Let's not complain and mope and wish for more. Think about the fun you had today!"

and then I went on and on...

"For a very long time I have lived far away from everyone in my family. And it makes me sad. I wish I could live by my sisters. But, ya know, I have to be happy where I am. No moping or pouting or wishing. I'm just thankful for my wonderful family, right here."

"Do you understand what I mean."

"Yes," says Katie. "Don't always wish for more."

It seems some lessons we learn all of our lives.

Encourage one another,

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